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About The Cambridge Landscaper

About The Cambridge Landscaper


Hello, I am Phil, the lead landscaper and welcome to our website. On summary:

  • - I am qualified in garden design
  • - we have a track record of quality installations
  • - we have a quality focused culture
  • - we have a professional and experienced team that workshops each project
  • - we are domestic specialists (commercial is a different style and level of detail)
  • - we have a good client interaction process
  • - we are a multi skilled team

My co-workers and I are an enthusiastic well experienced team with skills and expertise in many areas of landscape design and construction, We offer creativity and professionalism, deployed in a way that makes it easy to develop your dreams into a reality. We have worked in prestigious properties such as The Rectory in Landbeach, Jacksons Barn, Sturmer, The Warren in Letchworth Garden City, Gothic House in Cottenham, and have built up a reputation with local staff of the University. 

We specialise in domestic projects which require the most attention to detail. I understand how to approach a project with a creative outlook, thorough survey which ensures no rise in prices and offer the attention to detail required. 

My team and I have built up incredible in house technical knowledge over the last 5 years as well as industry contacts including two architects and designers, an amazing horticulturalist and all the best places to obtain our materials from.

A landscaper is a multi-skilled role, including expertise in design and style, structural integrity, building, carpentry, water management, project management and team communication skills. I pay my team well and we deliver time after time because we are just this: experienced and skilled. This is who we are. 

Twinned with their individual skill sets and professional backgrounds we have a unique ability to deliver a full suite of hard and soft landscaping services making for a successful and bespoke project. Because I only work with my trusted and skilled team we can uniquely take on small projects or large installations, offering a holistic and unparalleled level of quality and service.    Check out our process by clicking here

What you can expect to receive by engaging services with us:

  • - professional and passionate attitude
  • - attention to detail in workmanship
  • - transparent quotes
  • - great creativity, design and communication during projects
  • - great outcomes as we are a small, dedicated, team
  • - a full suite of hard and soft landscaping skill sets in my team to cater for your needs

I have a particular passion for attention to detail, enjoy working with new materials and especially enjoy seeing the finished project and reaction of my customers (I even had a customer cry and hug me when they arrived home from work after their pond was completed.

We have worked in the Cambridge city area professionally for over 5 years and have a long list of happy clients. I have been offering gardening services since I was 11 in the villages where I grew up, and worked with a reputable local builder as a teenager. I really get a thrill from designing beautiful spaces.

Gardens are a special place and can be a space for family, reflection, peace, community and getting in touch with your body and mind through physical activity. A special place where relationships form with ourselves, people, nature and the fascinating universe - becoming more in balance from the ever revolving world of our modern lifestyles. 

Please see our portfolio for examples of our work.

I look forward to meeting with you to understand your requirements and get your project underway; whether it is a traditional wall or decking, new paving space, felling a tree, or a complete overhaul we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

You're in good hands with The Cambridge Landscaper.


Phillip Ellis and Team

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Why Choose Us

Excellent Service

We pride our selves on excellent experiences during our projects, and especially the quality of workmanship we produce.

Clean Working

We like to provide clean and safe working environments for our projects working space, clients and staff and always leave sites clean and tidy and have deep cleans at the end of projects.

Quality materials

We have many suppliers that we have built up, and tried and tested which means we can ensure that all of our materials are tip top and built to last with the right installation.

Value for money

Landscaping can be expensive, however we ensure that our prices are generally significantly cheaper than our competition here in Cambridge.

You are in good hands with The Cambridge Landscaper.