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Quality Promise

Vision statement:

Quality promise: 

Stage of delivery Area of control Specific measure
Pre-survey Cost expectation We manage cost expectations by having transparent prices published on our website.
We offer remote quotes based on client provided sketches subject to survey
Producing quotes based on expected discussions
Design process Cost options Cost of elements are clearly discussed early in the form of a provisional quote or more than one quote scenario
Design options Moodboards, drawings and sketches are created to achieve a realistic expectation prior to building a quote
Regulatory compliance Detailed methods We provide a detailed method in our bill of quantities to show how we will achieve
References to standards documents We provide a standards reference on our bill of quantities so you can see the standards an accredited body have set for a particular element of a project
Quality control Our foreman and project managers have a control document prepared outlining a brief of the project We have a brief document prepared that ensures we follow our defined processes
On site communication General communication We add our team members to a what's app group for clear communication
We communicate with neighbours with a postcard about large trucks for deliveries, parking and offers route to communicate with the project manager. This is in the form of a post card.
Expectation management We will set out locations of elements and discuss elevations, sizes, shapes and clearly discuss options available and the practical reasons for why we suggest them.
Our client expectation is clearly managed through a specification or a drawing.
Timely resolution of snags 7 day cooling off period to check over and report any snags required to be resolved Payments only due after completion of snags
Payment control Payment schedules clear We create a payment schedule in line with work completed, and do not exceed payments with valuation of works completed.
Customer care We check in with clients outside of WhatsApp groups and intermittently during projects
Good communication Clearly arranged appointments in the form of a calendar appointment
Updates as to change order recommendations
Dedication to listening to clients We will come and discuss clearly on site
Clear costing control control We have a change order process so any changes of price
Aftercare After sales information We provide advisories and after care information through advisories using our exit and after care process or via email to appropriate guides