Feature well

A feature well provided a focus point, and we built around it. The consistent curve was followed into a pergola, paving and beds then cobble pathways connected everything. We installed new turf, regenerated the beds with organic, laid new turf, and installed WI-FI smart home controlled lights offered that finish.

Bespoke Tegula Driveway with complex edgings

We had a mammoth task removing a thick and old concrete driveway. After this was removed we were able to install new premium tegula edgings at complex angles and curves with great attention to detail. The result is stunning.

Outbuilding base

7k vs 15k is similar spec (less insulation). We are going to install a high quality outbuilding from Waltons at a fraction of the cost of an off the shelf garden building (12k-25k), and install a concrete base, as its a soft soil area prone to subsidence so a 280mm excavation was required. Outbuilding pins are a risky move in this type of soil. Recycled material was used to ensure environmentally friendliness off-set the use of concrete.

Curves in autumn sandstone

We were called back by this client to build a curved paving space. We chose Autumn sandstone as it matches well all year around and has tones that work with many styles. We used a 100x100 cobble and cut in a slick curve maximising space.

Smart Koi pond

The client wanted their pond to be amazing. We delivered a cobble wall, and sandstone edging, with the latest Oasis pump system with auto-topup, auto cleaning, WI-FI controlled illumination no hassle KOI pond. This pond is a thing of beauty using the best pond technologies on the market.

DIY disaster recovery

We had a client in distress call us who could not operate a hire digger on a DIY project and realised he needed professional advice. We have all been there. We levelled the area and cleared the waste, replaced with workable top soil and excavated a space for a new outbuilding and laid hardcore ready for when he was and laid conduit ready for any services. We achieved all the heavy lifting ready for the next phase of his project.

Forest transformation to warm loving space

We cleared 21 years of growth to reveal an old outbuilding in surprisingly good condition. We covered an old war bunker with soils, barks and seeded with wild flower to offer privacy and serve as a feature. A large paving space with cobble steps offered great space and a matching gravel path and planting scheme tied the project together.

Listed oak gate and walling

Following a traffic collision we repaired the walling and installed a custom oak gate.

New puppy space

Namo high end artificial grass with easy clean drainage in the rear and simple and clean paving in the front was installed for a new puppy. He approved we believe.

A special corner

The client wanted a special place for remembrance. We created a stunning deck with an oak clad illuminated with WI-FI control. We used a composite sub frame to overcome the clay soil with poor drainage which will also increase the lifetime. A great finish with long lasting protection.

Mediterranean bliss

We had a brief to create memories of the clients favourite locations, and used Italian porcelain, oak as well as cobble to create a simple and practical finish. The pergola offered amazing sun set shade and practical finishes such as the outbuilding with double sockets, and WI-FI controlled lights. We also helped with the soft landscaping using a regional planting scheme.

Kanda grey paving with curved and elevated bed walling

The client needed a makeover. We used a simple grey in an effective way offering her interest in managed low maintenance planting with a raised and curved bed making the most of the paving space, leaving shelves for pots and raised planters for fun.

Cambridge white connection

The client had to achieve connection between a modern style extension and an old elevation feature in the rear of the garden with plenty of planting space. We connected porcelain paving that matched the kitchen to the rear using Cambridge white brick block paving in a smooth circular feature offering a great combination of space, walking, grass and interest in shape with Jacksons hit and miss fencing visuals.

Restoration of a path

We removed slabs that roots had over grown under and made the path unsafe. We used a slate as it would prevent further issues and a raj autumn cobble as edging and we think the outcome was gorgeous.

Soft landscaping and child safe play area

We were contacted by a client to install a new soft scheme in an overgrown garden, we replaced the soil as this will vastly help the new plants flourish. A beautiful horizontal fence was specified and a child's play area installed with soft edgings and play grade barks was important for safety. We also installed an auto watering system for ease of management.

130sqm popcorn resin with black cobble edgings

We adjusted a poorly laid tarmac drive to levels appropriate for a perfectly flat and well drained new resin surface. We replaced the man hole, and installed a beautiful black cobble edging along with a popcorn UV resin with an anti-slip surface for the wintertime. We also installed new composite entrance posts as well as entrance slabs for decoration.

Air B&B

Our goal was to create a restful space on a budget. After clearance and clean, we laid a resin on the existing concrete and added correct foundations as required, a black cobble edging was used with a popcorn coloured resin bound aggregate. Barks and membranes and the client had a low maintenance space for prospective bookings.

City refresh

The client needed a good makeover of a poorly slabbed area. Using the same paving after pressure washing, we made a clean and practical entrance to the shed, re-fenced and turfed to extend the garden while maintaining functionality and practicality. We also added an organic soil improver to give the client a blank canvass.

35 sqm Fossil Mint sandstone

The client required a good refresh after building an extension. We cleared, returfed and re-installed a picket fence. Adjusting levels to suit and laid a lovely fossil mint sandstone with actual fossil imprint inside (their kids loved it - and us) and used the sleeper to integrate a interest in a step and bed edging. New gates with mortice lock for ease of access were also installed.

100m 6ft feather edge with significant clearance and a perfect finish

3 properties, 2 boundaries and clearance like never seen. 100m 6ft feather edge with significant clearance and a perfect finish - and a lot of hard work :-)

Drivesett Autumn driveway with bespoke pattern

This client in Hadstock required a new driveway and we were able to use the old concrete and tarmac surface to lay on top of without comprising stability. A bespoke pattern was used to lay and add interest to the theme of the house.

40sqm bespoke composite decking design with smart control lighting

The client wanted something special. With a grey corner edging and a charcoal center, and charcoal facias we created the mirror of the curve opposite to add symmetry to the garden and function on two levels. With excavation on-both levels required to enable subframe room to breathe we created a stunning long lasting deck. We also installed 3W lights with a smart home control system which enables the client to use apps, alexa and Apple home to control and set timers for their lighting system.

Brett buff 450x450

A nice extension for a new build property. Clean and sleek finish.

20sqm Pavone with a grey resin joint

A vibrant natural stone laid in a mixed pattern

Smart Illuminated Masso Grey 600x900 Porcelain

A porcelain lay with integrated smart control system for alexa via WIFI

64 sqm porcelain Longstanton

A great project to finish a contemporary new build in Longstanton last September I revisited and its looking great.

80 sqm turf with planting scheme

Perennial planting scheme with cascades, low maintenace and high graded bark for longevity.

Jacksons Barn Phase 1 and 2

Take a look at our current project. 280sqm cobble driveway, 70sqm wet feature, 300sqm granite parking space, and 41m gabion supporting edging with full soft, wildlife and bed walling throughout.

Mocha deck with charcoal edging and a reclaimed path in Needingworth December 2019

Mocha deck with charcoal edging and a reclaimed path in Needingworth December 2019

40sqm sunken chocolate decking in Impington December 2019

40sqm sunken chocolate decking complete. What a transformation. Before and after. Every fall, angle and cut precisely measured and installed with detail and passion.

71m2 brindle red driveway. 36m bespoke fencing, topsoil, membrane, bark and gravel.

29 tonnes of hardcore, 3200 bricks, 41m of edgings, 10 tonnes of sand, 36m of bespoke concrete fencing, 16m of drainage and double soakaway systems to overcome faulty roadside drainage and gravel, fresh top soil, membrane and bark trimmings. Thanks Vee enjoy - its a solid one.

Our Client Projects this year so far

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Grey sandstone in a contemporary setting with sleeper steps

Raised lawn to level and new shed base. Built their shed for free.

Heritage Pond

A nice pond restoration.

Introduction Video

We have captured a short video of a number of clients and larger jobs.