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Complaints Procedure

We aim for every customer to be pleased with our service, performance and our end product so that there is no reason to complain, but if there is something that is not right we will do all we can to rectify that.

Our Complaints Procedure has the following goals:

  • To deal with complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively;
  • To ensure that all complaints are handled in a consistent manner throughout;
  • To increase customer satisfaction;
  • To use complaints constructively in the planning and improvement of all services.

What is a complaint?

It may be a criticism that expects a reply and requires action or changes to be made. It can also be an expression of dissatisfaction with any aspect ofCambridge Landscapers or its staff.

How to complain?

Many complaints can be resolved informally via the foreman onsite.

Failing that, it needs to be reported to the office on 01223 852 054. When contacting the office please make a note of the name of the person you spoke to. We will then aim to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible.

If you are not satisfied with the solution offered, you may pursue a formal complaint.

Formally complaints should be made in writing to:

79 Perne road Cambridge CB1 3SB, Email:

What will we do on receiving your formal complaint?

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint with 48 hours.
  • You will be contacted to make sure that we have understood your compliant properly.
  • Depending on the complexity of your compliant we will endeavour to propose a fair solution within 10 working days, longer if more complex.
  • We will take steps to avoid a repeat occurrence.
  • At all times, we will treat you with understanding and respect. All we ask is that you do the same for our staff.
  • We will handle confidential information in relation to your complaint sensitively.
  • We are unable to respond to anonymous complaints.