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Top tips: Paving despite what anyone says should always be 150mm down from the damp proof course. Paving laid on sand is a big no no, a 5cm concrete bed should be used. Clean and tidy cuts should always be present, in mixed patterns the corners should never meet and produce a cross or plus shape and lines should not exceed 1,5m by design and a resin jointing should always be used. In porcelain a slurry should always be used as well as a exterior grout. Porcelain is a difficult and unforgiving material to lay so a rushed lay is always noticeable. All water management and elevations need to be considered early. 

Prices & advice: 

Please review our planning your landscape guide (pdf download) with advice and prices by clicking here.

When thinking about creating a deck or a patio in a domestic space, there are a few things you should consider when choosing people to create your relaxing and functional garden space.

Can they design a suitable space in a style that is appropriate, with the the finishing touches such as decorative edgings, lighting, planting spaces and falls and drainage systems that are compliant to regulation (damaged footings are a big problem) and that are decorative.

Will they choose materials that last? Check out the regulations on paving and paving of front gardens and download here.

Can they actually create a foundation, structure and finish that is of the upmost quality?

To support the choice of sandstone or porcelain we have created a short comparison below: 

Advantages Disadvantages
  • - Lasts longer 
  • - More damage resistant 
  • - Fading is less likely
  • - Irregular surfaces cause could be hazards 
  • - Porous surfaces attract lichens and moss
  • - Cheap variations are available in the marketplace 
  • - Modern look and feel
  • - Very low maintenance 
  • - Does not fade over time
  • - Pressure washing makes it look new
  • - An expensive option
  • - Manufactured, so no original or unique features like stone
  • - Requires very skilled operatives to lay complex designs and additional costs for exterior grouting

Basic cost rules for supply and fit are as follows (discounts are applied for larger simple spaces).

Sandstone from most suppliers Slate Porcelain ranges from most suppliers with exterior grouting (requires specialist tooling and techniques)
Granit or custom materials from suppliers such as Bannolds
120/sqm + VAT 135/sqm + VAT
160/sqm + grouting + VAT
170-220/sqm + VA

Our experience enables us to create some really amazing spaces with decking and patios. Check out our process to see how we obtain the best plan, including elevations and the details that give your new paving space the attention to detail it deserves.

Getting a paving space is all in the lay, not only do we use a full cement bed, we ensure the cuts are clean, the lay is completely flat, the falls for drainage are planned and installed to regulation, and the finishing touch rules are offered to you during the planning and quoting process.

We are working to get onto the Marshalls register and have the building inspector come and see our larger driveway jobs.

We pride our selves on creativity during the design and planning stages and the ability to put the finishing touches on your new patio or deck.

Check our our supplier websites to get inspiration for your new space.

  • Marshalls (partners include Travis Perkins, Ridgions and displays all over Cambridge) inspire me website (also available in an app on your phone)

    This website has a range of planning tools, and has the best digital imagery for ideas and inspiration 

  • Primethorpe Paving (Peterborough)- Has a great and simple visualizer tool to help you play with layout, gaps and size configurations.

  • Bannolds, Fendrayton, Cambs off Huntingdon Road A14 side- Has beautiful display gardens and stocks a range of the higher end stone

  • CED stone - a great range of high end sandstone (I have samples you can look at)

It is a good idea to touch and feel the paving as screen and magazines do not give the same impression as reality due to color differences in print and web so it is a good idea to see the stone in person by visiting a supplier.

What you can expect to receive by engaging services with us:

  • - Professional and passionate attitude 
  • - Attention to detail in workmanship
  • - Great creativity, design and communication during projects
  • - Great outcomes as we are a small dedicated team

Just call 01223 852 054 or 07477 486 469 to get your quote or fill out our handy form by clicking here.

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Patio and Decking Services

Why Use Our Paving and Decking Services

Quality workmanship speaks for its self.

  • Design service
  • Excellent quality
  • From 100 per sqm
  • Proper foundations
  • Pre-treated materials
  • Lights and other intergrations
  • Don't underestimate the value of a good installer - I have seen it go wrong and its not pretty.

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on excellent experiences during our projects, and especially the quality of workmanship we produce. You can expect to receive by engaging services with us: - Professional and passionate attitude - Attention to detail in workmanship - Transparent quotes - Great creativity, design, communication during projects - Great outcomes as we are a small dedicated team

We like to provide clean and safe working environments for our projects working space, clients and staff and always leave sites clean and tidy and have deep cleans at the end of projects.

We have many suppliers that we have built up, and tried and tested which means we can ensure that all of our materials are tip top and built to last with the right installation.

Landscaping can be expensive, however we ensure that our prices are generally significantly cheaper than our competition here in Cambridge.

Let us visit you for a free no pressure quote, we can even design a draft 2D layout for you.
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