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Fencing Services

Basic price structures (see table and images below for further information)

Standard feather edge

£60/meter + clearance and ground condition

Feather edge plus concrete gravelboards & posts

£110/meter + clearance and ground condition

Jackured premium fencing

£130/meter + clearance and ground condition

Hit and Miss and concrete feather board

£100/meter + clearance and ground condition

Hoop top galvanised metal fence 5.8m run 

£100/meter + clearance and ground condition

We offer one of the most competitive price structures for fencing in the whole of Cambridgeshire. Fencing comes in all sorts of types and sizes and rates differ based on finish and structure so we suggest you get a quote to talk through and have a free survey done. To help you choose your fence type we have broken down the typical prices and the cost benefits of such types of fencing. 

Feather Edge Board | Closeboard | Pressure Treated | Free Delivery Available (22x150x3600mm Brown)
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1.83m high x 1.83m wide hit miss panel p.a.r. jakcuredlevel top

Standard feather edge with 10 cm x 10cm posts, and wood gravelbaords

Standard feather edge if installed correctly works perfectly well and will give 10 years + of lifetime, 

Feather edge panels with concrete posts and gravelboards

Standard feather edge with concrete posts and gravel boards offer 10-15 years of stability and withhold stronger winds if in an exposed area. In Cambridge in the 60's it was common to install barn cladding as a fence mateiral and we can also install this which is very sturdy and we have seen it lasting up up to 40 years if kept treated. 

Premium Jackured fencing with wood posts

There are many types of premium fencing styles that cost anywhere from £80/panel upwards and typically have whats known as a Jackured finish which is a kiln dried wood offering 25 years before rot sets in if treated correctly. 

£50/meter + clearance and ground condition £110/meter + clearance and ground condition £130/meter + clearance and ground condition

Hit and Miss and concrete feather board

£110/meter + clearance and ground condition

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Hoop top galvanised metal fence

£100/meter + clearance and ground condition

Image result for galvanised hoop top

Fencing is not just a case of digging holes and erecting fencing that looks good.

It must be built to last and is where many people can go wrong. Apart from fixtures and fittings every part of the process must be thorough to give you a long lasting fence structure that can withstand the test of time and weather. Please note short runs require a small surcharge. For example a run of 5m will have a £100 surcharge. 

Clearance and ground condition consists of usually £100 for labour to deconstruct and the cost of a skip usually at £240 depending on size and if required a roadside permit at a cost of £50 which we can arrange. 

What you can expect to receive by engaging services with us: 

  • - Professional and passionate attitude 
  • - Attention to detail in workmanship
  • - Great creativity, design and communication during projects
  • - Great outcomes as we are a small dedicated team

Just call 01223 852 054 or 07477 486 469 to get your quote or fill out our handy form by clicking here.

We offer a complete range of services, to see more of our services click here

Fencing Services

Why Use Our Fencing Services

Get it done correctly and with a wide range of materials.

  • High quality materials supplied and fitted from £50/m
  • Waste clearance of existing fencing and site clearance after build
  • Proper supports and foundations
  • Secure finish
  • Pre-treated materials that are long lasting
  • We install every post at 2ft for security and longevity
  • Attention to detail in workmanship
  • Gates bespoke built with fixtures and fittings (typically we install two bolts, a mortice lock with 5 keys, and a latch system)

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on excellent experiences during our projects, and especially the quality of workmanship we produce. You can expect to receive by engaging services with us: - Professional and passionate attitude - Attention to detail in workmanship - Transparent quotes - Great creativity, design, communication during projects - Great outcomes as we are a small dedicated team

We like to provide clean and safe working environments for our projects working space, clients and staff and always leave sites clean and tidy and have deep cleans at the end of projects.

We have many suppliers that we have built up, and tried and tested which means we can ensure that all of our materials are tip top and built to last with the right installation.

Landscaping can be expensive, however we ensure that our prices are generally significantly cheaper than our competition here in Cambridge.

Let us visit you for a free no pressure quote, we can even design a draft 2D layout for you.
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