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Turfing and Lawn Services

Top tips: It's all in the preparation. Soil replaced with sandy loam where appropriate for good drainage, elevations and heights considered for mowing and clean installation techniques such as using a lipping technique to prevent gaps between rolls. Using a hidden anthracite flexible edging can prevent grass from ever growing into beds again and offer a natural finish. Laying interesting shaped pavious into the lawn for steppers or a feature can work well when the grass grows above them for ease of mowing. 

Prices & advice: 

Please review our planning your landscape guide (pdf download) with advice and prices by clicking here.

Ground preparation is key in getting the best finish. It requires time, correct equipment, and sometimes a lot of effort to get the landscape prepared.

Turfing is one of our most exercised tasks working in landscaping and we have become very proficient in it. We know all the best local suppliers of quality turf and possess some-in house techniques that get your lawn looking near perfection sometimes within days.

Lawn maintenance and repair service

We know that lawns by design can sometimes  fail. We offer a repair service that will restore your lawn to glory without a full re-turf being required.

What you can expect to receive by engaging services with us:

  • - Professional and passionate attitude 
  • - Attention to detail in workmanship
  • - Great creativity, design and communication during projects
  • - Great outcomes as we are a small, dedicated, team

Just call 01223 852 054 or 07477 486 469 to get your quote or fill out our handy form by clicking here.

We offer a complete range of services, to see more of our services click here

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Why Use Our Turfing & Lawn Services

We know how much hard work there can be in installing and achieving a new lawn.

  • Lots of experience laying
  • Quality turf with prices from 25/sqm supplied and fitted
  • Proper preparation
  • Great finish
  • Proper drainage
  • A fresh start

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on excellent experiences during our projects, and especially the quality of workmanship we produce. By engaging with us you can expect to receive : - Professional and passionate attitude - Attention to detail in workmanship - Transparent quotes - Great creativity, design and communication during projects - Great outcomes as we are a small dedicated team

We like to provide a clean and safe working environment for our projects working space, clients and staff. we always leave sites clean and tidy and we have deep cleans at the end of projects.

We have many suppliers that are tried and tested and that we have built up relationships with. This means we can ensure that all of our materials are tip top and built to last with the right installation.

Landscaping can be expensive, however we aim to ensure that our prices are significantly cheaper than our competition here in Cambridge.

Let us visit you for a free no pressure quote, we can even design a draft 2D layout for you.
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